Nightlife and Networking made easy

Pintwise helps you find pubs and clubs in Bangalore that fit your mood while allowing you to network with other people at the same time. Download the app now to explore the nightlife of your city in a whole new way!

StepsHow it works

1.Check the live scene

Download the Pintwise App and check out bars and pubs near you and decide where to go by checking their vibe, number of check-ins and events

2.Check in at venues

When you're out at a bar, just check-in on Pintwise to vote for a vibe and help others know the scene, and also to start networking with people in and around the venue!

3.Make the most of it

Discover new places, talk to different people and above all have a good night out! When you're done, the networking rooms will still be open for 3 days.

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